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 DIY cross stitch projects


Cross stitch is a great way to create beautiful and unique pieces of art, and there are many different materials you can use to create your designs. From canvas and leather to plastic and wood, the possibilities are endless. With a cross stitch kit, can create a variety of tools and accessories, including pin cushions, craft boxes, and needle boxes. Happy stitching!

 DIY beadwork projects

With our DIY bead kits, you can create beautiful beadwork on various materials such as canvas, leather, plastic, and wood. We offer a wide range of beads, accessories, and tools to help you get started. can even make unique gifts like embroidered pictures, pin cushions, bracelets, Christmas toys, charms, standing sets, napkin holders, flowers, and holiday sets. We also have a beadwork kit to create a needle box. Start your beadwork journey today!

ACCESSORIES. Embroidery tools.


Looking for high-quality embroidery and cross-stitch accessories? Look no further! Our collection includes everything from magnetic needle holders and needle threaders to embroidery and needle boxes, pin cushions, bead organizers, thread organizers, count pins, and charms for your embroidery tools. Shop now and take your embroidery and cross-stitch projects to the next level!