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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

First House studio and gallery was founded in 2022 by Alla Hres and Yulia Ovchar. First House symbolises a fresh start, with new opportunities, new ideas and new ambitions. The main idea was to create something different, something more based on community and integrity.     With the help of our art adviser Tifenn Pourroy, we all together came up with a social venue/ and art studio front, a place of aid for artists and anyone creative.

art gallery red room

Adventuring within all facets of art making, from its passionate expression in our gallery, its therapeutic properties in our craft group and shop, and its history and education in our art lessons, we aim to be a hub for artists, making our relationships with them paramount.

We want to bring a spotlight on underground modern Irish art and help enable its full potential. Our events range from exhibitions, community work, Craft and Art groups, Drink and Draws and many more.


We are particularly motivated by alternative twists on modern art, with an adoring eye for colors and composition, and a soft heart for hidden artists. Our craft is a very valuable part of our vision. Art can be intellectual, but craft is also a powerful therapeutic and meditative tool, and can often be a gateway into fine art, where our classes will help you achieve yourself as an artist.


First House aims to be a haven for art with integrity and authenticity. To make art and craft more accessible through community work, education and beautiful, engaging and powerful art with powerful stories.

A place for artists.

art gallery first house routine
Art gallery First House management team
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