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Ihor Kravets  is a modern Ukrainian artist, born and living in a picturesque city in the south of Ukraine. After graduating from an art school, he continued his education at the state art college of Odessa, at the department of painting. During his education, he studied the basics of French impressionism and the southern Odesa school of painting, spending a lot of time outdoors on the shores of the Black Sea. After finishing his education, he became interested in artistic ceramics, participated in prestigious exhibitions of decorative arts, was engaged in the design of restaurants and hotels, combining it with painting.

Then painting and plein air captured him completely and the artist became a permanent participant of pictorial plein airs in the south of Ukraine in his native Bessarabia, Odessa and the Crimean Peninsula.

After a long creative work in Crimea, he became a participant in large art projects in Ukraine and abroad.

He held more than 20 personal and collective exhibitions. In his work, he considers the main traditions of impressionism, partly of Zionist expression, improvisation with clean, open and intense colors, both in oil painting and in watercolor. The main thing that Igor tries to give the viewer is a feeling of joy and happiness.

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