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Art Teacher 


Direction: Art Therapy
Mediume: Pencile; Market  

Olena Kravets is a contemporary artist whose work often explores the intersection of art and psychology. She may use various artistic mediums and techniques to delve into deep psychological themes, aiming to evoke emotional responses and introspection in viewers.


Olena was born in Odessa in 1968. In 1973, she entered the Odessa State Art School named after M.B. Grekova Studied: basics of composition, art history, technology of ceramic production. She was engaged in sculpture, drawing, painting and making ceramic products.
Took part in international and regional art exhibitions with ceramic products.
Since 1994, she began to participate in regular international and regional exhibitions as a painter. Life near the Black Sea has left its mark and the love of the sea is reflected on the canvases.
Since 2013, Olena has annually participated in the international plein-air exhibitions "Color of Velvet", "Palette of Bessarabia" and others.




Combining art therapy, regression techniques and methods that promote the development of new neural connections, Olena Kravets provides her students with tools that they can use to work on psychological self-healing and eliminate negative strains in their lives that prevent them from living a full life and receive the gifts of the universe.
Using the creative process as a vehicle for self-exploration and healing, this holistic approach makes Olena's mentoring impactful and life-changing for those who experience it.

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