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Box for needle with magnet art print flowers

Size, cm:    6*9
Material:    Plywood
Weight, kg:   0.050
Made in:   Ukraine
Manufacturer:    Wonderland Crafts

If you're someone who enjoys needlework, then this wooden needle case is a practical and unique solution for storing and organizing your needles. It's perfect for sewing, embroidery, or jewelry making, and the sleek and elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your needlework. The cap is equipped with strong magnets to keep your needles securely in place, and the case is a convenient travel accessory. Additionally, the quality print adds a personal touch to it truly unique and special, making it a great gift for any needlework enthusiast.

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Wooden box for needles with magnet and art printed lid FLZB(N)-085

SKU: FLZB(N)-085
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