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Board game "For Sale!"

How interesting can be a game that has been republished several times in different languages ​​and in different designs for more than 20 years? We are sure that it is very interesting. But it is better for you to make sure of this yourself and buy a compact card filler "For Sale!". After all, this is a simple and dynamic game with clear rules and fast games, which will not leave indifferent even complete beginners in board games!

And this Ukrainian options also has a number of advantages: a small box, a low price and a stylish design. In the game "For Sale!" you have to buy and then sell various houses, trying to knock down as much capital as possible. The game itself is divided into 2 stages. First, in the form of an open auction, players make bets (like in poker) with paper 1000-dollar bills and buy house cards of different denominations. In this gambling process, you will have to control your greed and calculate the budget, because there will be nowhere to take extra money! And in the 2nd phase, players exchange houses for check cards in the form of a closed auction. Only someone will be lucky enough to sell their broken shack for the biggest check on the table, and someone will give the mansion for a bagel hole. Here you will need the ability to bluff and "read" opponents, as well as attentiveness and miscalculation. Is it necessary to say that the board game "For Sale!" — is a great gift for a realtor, investor and just a gambling person? It is also perfect for family and friendly evenings, and if you take it with you on vacation, you don't have to worry about having a good time at all!

Board game FOR SALE!

SKU: ІгзМолот
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