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Board game "Vintage"


There is something mysterious about old things: we take it off the shelf, blow off the dust... how many owners has this lamp with a cracked shade survived, how many events has it seen, whose path has it illuminated?

"Vintage" by Bruno Faidutti will teach you to appreciate each object, because it really has its price, and to find out what you are capable of in order to replenish your own collection of antiques! Don't let the competition beat you to the antique market!


An attractive showcase is important in any business: let's lay out the required number of item cards face up in front of everyone. The first player will receive 1 card, the next player after him - 2, and others - 3 cards each. Throughout the game, we'll be placing antique cards near our display cases in the open, building up a collection that can be browsed at any time.

In our turn, we choose 1 item card from the display case, especially valuable to our collector soul, and place it on top of our glass with the collection. Now we have a choice: steal or restore. We drag one item card from another player's showcase to ours or restore the top reset card for the same purpose. At the end of the turn, we look at 2 cards from the item deck and choose which one to send to the showcase, and which one to discard.

If there are three or four of you at the table, the game ends as soon as there are less than 2 things in the deck. If more respectable antiquarians have gathered, then as soon as the deck is exhausted for the first time, it is necessary to form it again from the discard pile, and only after the second round the game is finished. We count points and determine the winner: get bonus cards for items collected in collections of various categories!


Collect card networks quickly and actively and show yourself as the best connoisseur of antiquity! A quick card deck is perfect for traveling.

Board game VINTAGE

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