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Board game "THEME"

The theme of the game: guessing emotions

A quick pati game for guessing emotions. The board game "The Theme" is ideal for a friendly party or family gatherings. Compact dimensions and a sturdy tin box allow you to take the game on the go. We guarantee that "The Theme" will appeal to all members, regardless of age or gaming experience.

The course of the game

Before the start of the game, the deck of cards is shuffled. Game participants receive 5 random cards.One of the players becomes the host, the next player clockwise becomes the judge. At the beginning of the round, the presenter announces a situation and asks: "What if?..."

All players, except the judge and presenter, choose and lay out 1 card with the corresponding emotion. The judge takes all the cards laid out, shuffles them, and then chooses 1 that best matches the presenter's emotions. The player who played such a card receives it and puts it in front of him.

In the next round, the judge becomes the host, and his neighbor on the left becomes the judge. They play until someone collects 5 cards in front of him. That player becomes the winner.

Board game "THEME"

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