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Board game "Taco Juice Cap Cake Pizza"

A quick card game for fun company. This is the continuation of the famous "Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza", in a new format, it will break your tongues even more. This is a very cool filler for children and adults. In our opinion, it is suitable both for playing with friends at a party and for family gatherings.

"Taco Juice Cap Cake Pizza" game develops verbal and visual functions of intelligence. It will allow you to combine the pleasant with the useful: have fun and improve reaction speed, attention and the relationship of the verbal apparatus and visual perception of information.


"Taco Juice Cap Cake Pizza" game: matching words and pictures
Before the start of the game, all the cards are shuffled and distributed equally to the participants. Players place the received cards face down in front of them without looking at them.

During the game, players try to get rid of their cards. The one who manages to do it first wins.


The progress of the game

Taco… Juice… Cap… Cake… Pizza… Taco… Juice…

Players take turns, clockwise. The active player puts one of his cards face up on top of the stack in the center of the table and calls the next word from the counter that corresponds to the name of the game.

If the picture and the word match, each player tries to cover the pile in the center of the table with his palm as quickly as possible... Or his friend's palm, if he was earlier. The least clever player, who placed his hand last, takes the entire stack of cards.


Special cards

These cards make the game even more interesting. When a special card is revealed, players must follow the instructions and then place their palms on top of the stack of cards. The latter takes the entire stack of cards.

Monkey. You need to scratch your head with one hand, and cover the central pile of cards with the other.
Unicorn. You need to put your index finger to your forehead, and cover the central pile of cards with the other.
Ninja. You need to bend one hand at the elbow, keeping the palm flat, and shout "ki-ya", and cover the central stack of cards with the other.


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