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Board game "Sherlock"

Sherlock. Among the graves

Actions of the board game "Sherlock. Among the graves" take place in 1910 in the USA. Mysterious disappearances of people, dismantling of mafia families and "safe" coffins in the cemetery. Funeral home worker Adam Lockwood went missing just days after his colleague's death. The police are asking for your help in investigating this case. Can you find out what happened to Mr. Lockwood? Study the evidence and think about the case with your detective friends to find the answers to all the questions.

Sherlock game. A quick pocket detective"Sherlock" (also known as "Elementary") is a popular series of fast-paced detective co-op for 1-8 players. In 2019, this game was nominated for the prestigious "Spiel des Jahres" (Game of the Year in Germany) competition. In each box, a separate task awaits the players. This is an interesting detective filler that can be investigated solo, with friends or family members. We ensures that the game will appeal to both beginners and experienced players.

In the "Sherlock" series, you compete in absentia to investigate cases with the legendary detective from Baker Street. Can you do no worse than the brilliant Sherlock Holmes? Will you stomp in one place like Inspector Lestrade? The investigation begins with a brief introduction that introduces you to the details of the case. Present the necessary evidence and discard the extraneous, discuss your theories and use the power of deduction to solve the mystery.

Q System detective systemAll games in the series implement the "Q System" mechanic. After reading the introduction, players receive a certain number of cards in their hand (the number of cards depends on the number of participants). Players cannot show each other the cards in their hand, but can read aloud the underlined words or the text in the paper clip frame.

Players take turns. During his turn, the active player performs one of two actions:

Provide evidence. The player chooses a card in his hand and places it face up in the center of the table. The information on it is now available to everyone.
Drop proof. The player chooses a card from his hand and places it face down on the discard pile.When all the evidence is laid out or discarded, and the deck is exhausted, the players discuss the available information and think about a possible version of events. However, if at the end of the game there are less than 6 cards in the discard pile, the players immediately lose.

The game ends when the players decide on the final version and answer the questions. For each correct answer they get 2 points. For each piece of evidence presented that is not relevant to the case, they lose 1 point. Calculate your score and find out if you managed to rub the nose of a policeman from Scotland Yard or even equal Sherlock himself.

Sherlock. Independence Day Assassination

"Sherlock. Independence Day Assassination" is a detective game from the Sherlock series. While America was celebrating Independence Day, a terrible crime was committed. The smoke of the fireworks cleared, revealing the corpse of an unknown man in the estate of a wealthy family. You are waiting for an enchanting investigation, a salute of facts and a Day of dependence on evidence!

Independence Day Assassination is a detective game for the company from the Sherlock series. Having investigated the mysterious death of an archaeologist at the beginning of the 20th century, we again turn our gaze to the present. This time we are waiting for an estate shrouded in mystery and an enchanting investigation.

Description of the board game "Sherlock. Independence Day Assassination". If a detective feels that this or that piece of evidence should help solve a case, he can share it with other detectives. To do this, you need to lay out the corresponding card face up. The information on the map becomes publicly available and is used to build different versions.

Despite the fact that players actively share information, they still have many cards in their hands with a lot of information that can also be useful to the investigation. But it is allowed to release this information to your colleagues in very small doses. Only those words that are underlined and marked with a paper clip can be read for all senses.

If the criminal gets rid of all evidence without exception, then the detective gets rid of only unnecessary facts. When a player lays out a card that is not relevant to the case and gives the investigation the wrong direction, then at the end of the game he loses points. You need to get rid of such cards. Having decided that the map does not clarify the situation, you can send it to reset without regret.

Also, it won't hurt you to remember the contents of the card, because in the heat of the investigation, valuable evidence is often thrown away. At the end of the turn, the participant selects a card. When all the cards in the main deck are gone, you can discuss what was written on the reset cards. And suddenly you missed something important. When the cards in the deck are exhausted, it's time to put forward your version of the crime with the main suspect, motive, murder weapon and surrounding circumstances.

If you're a misanthrope and used to working alone, there's nothing stopping you from using solo mode. In this case, the player receives 6 cards in his hand. When discarding the cards, the detective distributes them between two decks - a permanent discard and a temporary discard. At the end of the game, you can re-examine the cards from the temporary discard pile, think it over again, and then finally send the excess trash to the discard pile.

Board game "SHERLOCK"

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