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Board game "Point Salad"

If you prefer uncomplicated and fast card crowds for family leisure or a noisy company, we recommend paying attention to the board game "Point Salad". It's a great combination of easy-to-learn rules and hundreds (no exaggeration) of ways to score victory points.

Vegetables are not only vegetables.

The game allows you to sit at one table from 2 to 6 participants. It scales perfectly, so it will be equally interesting to play in any composition. Inside the box, you'll find nothing but a deck of 108 cards, with one side depicting one of the available varieties of vegetables and the other a unique scoring condition.

Divide the deck into three approximately equal piles and place them with the "salad" side facing up. From the top of each pile, reveal 2 cards with the "vegetable" side. Your market is ready, ready to go.

"Point Salad" gameplay

During his turn, the player can take one of two mandatory actions:take one "salad" card from any of the three stacks and place it in front of you;take any two "vegetable" cards and put them in front of you. The player is also given one free action. Once per turn, if he chooses, he can flip one of his cards from the "salad" side to the "vegetable" side. But not vice versa!After a player's turn is over, fill the empty positions in the vegetable market with cards from the corresponding stacks. The game will end when the market is completely empty.

Quietly! Vegetables are being counted!

As soon as the market is empty, the players check the conditions on their "salad" cards and calculate the victory points. Naturally, the calculation of each participant will be based on unique rules.

The participant who collected the largest number of programs is declared the winner.

Board game "POINT SALAD"

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