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DIY Bead Embroidery Kit on Natural art canvas with printed image Playful kitten

Number of colors: 18
Number of beads: 2402 pcs
Picture width: 200 mm
Picture height: 200 mm
Package weight: 0.089 kg
Beadwork kit Manufacturer: Abris Art

In each carefully assembled box Mid-sized bead embroidery kit Playful kitten (Animals) after purchase and delivery you will find: a large piece of natural art canvas with a printed image-scheme (fabric for embroidery) larger than the size of the picture - 200 x 200 mm. - with enough stock to make it convenient to embroider and design the finished picture! The world's best beads Preciosa Ornela (Czech Republic), with "stock" - more than 2402 beads, high-quality bead needles from Japan , and most importantly - detailed instructions, the scheme for beadwork with a key, specially developed by our designers for each plot separately and already applied to the canvas

Kit for handicraft, Design Playful kitten AMB-060

SKU: AMB-060
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