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Board game "Abalon"

Who among us has not played tic-tac-toe? And chess and checkers are the most popular games on the territory of our country. Even more advanced players definitely tested their strength in short or long backgammon. How about something a little different, but no less interesting?

"Abalone" is a board game for two players with fairly simple rules. Each player's task is to push all the opponent's balls out of the playing field, but this does not require brute physical strength or sleight of hand. To win, you need to come up with your own tactics, predict your opponent's moves and be incredibly attentive.

For whom? "Abalone" board game will be a great gift for all lovers of intellectual duels. It is convenient to take on trips and travels.

Board game ABALON road version

SKU: ІгОбол
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