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Size, cm    4*15
Number of colors    1
Material    Artificial leather
Weight, kg    0.040
Made in    Ukraine
Manufacturer    Wonderland Crafts

Kit includes:

- perforated blanks of artificial leather (3 pieces);

- plywood blank;

- a needle;

- mouline thread (100% cotton);

- thread for stitching parts;

- instruction and embroidery scheme.

The kit is packed in a bag with a euro loop.

Designed for scissors 8-12 cm long.

Looking for a fun and easy embroidery project? We've got you with our embroidered case for scissors kit! This kit includes everything you need create a practical and cute tool that will keep your scissors secure. You can even customize the stitch color to your liking. Whether you're into embroidery, sewing, or crocheting, this tool will be a great addition to your toolkit.

Kit for creating a case for scissors FLTL-001

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