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Board game "Behind The Throne"


The game "Behind The Throne" is as richly filled with intrigue and betrayal as the famous "Game of Thrones". During the game, which lasts no more than half an hour, the players will try to weave nets and catch the maximum catch in them. The most successful player will become the gray cardinal and rule the kingdom behind the king, pulling the strings of both himself and his puppet subjects.



"Behind The Throne" is a quick filler game from Ukrainian authors. The mechanics of this game are based on testing luck and collecting sets. During their turn, players take cards from the deck and lay them out one after the other until the numerical value of one of them exceeds the numerical value of the previous one. If this happens, all open cards "burn". When a player reveals two identical cards or reduces the face value of the next card to the face value of the previous one, he can force any opponent to fold one card. With the greatest success, the player receives 5 cards and places them on the corresponding stacks in front of him. Of course, the player always has the right to stop at a smaller number of cards. Also, the player is allowed to exchange the received cards for one opponent's card. Already existing courtiers in the stacks allow the player to carry out certain manipulations when opening new cards.



The game "Behind The Throne" will not let players get bored for a single minute. Interaction between them occurs constantly and steadily. Each turn, alliances are formed and destroyed, cards are knocked out and the arsenal of tactics changes. Available courtiers in the stacks allow you to attack or defend, and the king and queen impose certain prohibitions or vetoes, in game terms. To activate the ability of minions, their number must not be less than that of other players. Players can have the following supporters:

-Seer: allows you to spy on the top card from the deck;
-General: reduces the value of the open card by 3;
-Assassin: reduces the value of the open card by 2;
-Jester: decreases or increases the value of an open card by 1;
-Judge: allows you to reactivate the property of the used card;
-Minstrel: cards are exchanged only for the minstrel;
-Alchemist: only alchemist can be killed;
-Queen: does not allow you to destroy other players' cards if the number of open cards is less than or equal to the number of queen cards.
-King: does not allow exchanging cards from other players if the number of open cards is less than the king's cards.


At the end of the game, the participants calculate the sum of the values ​​of the collected sets. The winner is the one with the most points. The game "Behind The Throne" trains attentiveness and the ability to count several moves ahead. It keeps players in suspense from beginning to end. It will certainly appeal to fans of conflict games. The compact size and short game time makes this game ideal for use on trips, for playing during a lunch break, while waiting for guests or in between larger games.


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