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Board game "Dress up the doll"

The Chanel fashion house is considered one of the leaders in the production of clothing and luxury items. But few people know that the founder of the company, the French fashion designer Coco Chanel, first of all tried to make women's clothes comfortable. Coco was the first to develop the concept of a women's handbag with a strap so that it could be worn over the shoulder. She created the Little Black Dress, which is still considered to be the most versatile women's outfit, suitable for almost any situation.

Dress up the doll is an interesting set for girls, which includes a cardboard doll and many different outfits for her. All components are on a magnetic base, so to dress doll, it is enough to put clothes on her and the magnets will immediately attract. It remains to choose the best outfits for any weather and for a wide variety of situations.


SKU: ІгОдягЛял
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