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Board game "Date. Fragments of history"

Ukrainian answer to the famous "Timeline" with beautiful art and improved mechanics. Board game "Date. Fragments of history" was published in 2019. This is a quick game for true erudites, dedicated to the history of Ukraine.

Study the history of Ukraine together with the game "Date. Fragments of history"! The game will allow you to combine the pleasant with the useful: have fun with family or friends and learn something new. It will also help applicants prepare for external independent assessment.
Cognitive game "Date. Fragments of history": chronology of historical events. The set includes 100 double-sided cards with bright and funny illustrations (what Walter White is worth with stacks of hryvnia bills!). The name of the event is indicated on one side of the card, and its date on the other. The cards are divided into four different colored decks.

Facts from the history of Ukraine
What came first: the Battle of Poltava or the founding of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy? The first railway or the first astronomical observatory? Introducing the hryvnia into circulation or signing the Budapest memorandum? Even if you didn't know something, after playing this Ukrainian analogue of "Timeline", all historical events will be laid out on the shelves in the correct order.

Game process

At the beginning of the game, each participant receives a deck of his color and opens three cards from it. Next, the players form the starting time flow by placing one card in the center of the table with the date facing up.

The player's move consists of two phases:

A player can block an opponent's card by placing their own card on top of it, or unblock their own card by sending an opponent's card into the time stream. If the opponent's card is laid out correctly, it goes out of the game. If not, it is placed in the correct place in the temporal stream and credited to the enemy.

Placement of the map in the time stream. The player puts their unlocked event card into the timeline. If the card is placed in the correct chronological order, it stays in the flow. If there is not - exits the game.

The game ends when one player has five cards in the time stream. That player becomes the winner.


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