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Children's intellectual game on magnets

Smart Games "Tricky bugs"

Do you like insects? Watch them as they move, work, or bask in the sun? Then you will like the puzzle game "Tricky Bugs". The rules of the game are simple, but very interesting and exciting! We have 48 interesting tasks and 4 magnet cards, different shapes in the form of a pebble with empty squares. Under which you need to hide extra insects, and the insects that are indicated on the task card should appear from the empty squares.

Magnetic game "Tricky Bugs" in a compact, convenient package that you can easily take with you on the road or for a walk. Develop your logic, imagination and thinking with a series of road magnetic games from Smart Games.



What is included in the set:

-booklet with 48 tasks and answers
-4 details
-magnetic field
-rules of the game

Smart Games "TRICKY BUGS"

SKU: ІгХитЖу
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