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DIY Bead kit on wood, Champagn, Beadwork on wood


Size:    5*13.5 cm
Number of colors:    6
Amount of beads:    776
Material:    Polywood
Made in:    Ukraine
Manufacturer:    Wonderland Crafts


Kit includes:

- shaped perforated blanks made of polywood and plastic;
- shaped MDF blank for decorating the back of the product;
- magnet;
- self-adhesive label;
- "PRECIOSA" beads (with a reserve of 10%);
- thread and 2 needles for embroidery with beads;
- needle and thread for stitching details;
- bead embroidery instructions;
- an embroidery scheme printed on paper with an indication of the colors and number of beads used in the set.


Tags: Beadwork on wood, Bead embroidery, beadwork Kits, embroidery on polywood, craft gift, household embroidery,  Wood kit with beads

DIY Bead kit on wood Champagn FLK-356

SKU: FLK-356
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