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Board game "Super Farmer" 

In the classic version of the tabletop farmers add-on - a cross between a goat and a badger... or rather, combining both of these add-ons with the base game under one roof - you will no longer have to buy a "Super Farmer" without a goat or a "Super Farmer" without a badger and suffer from a lack of one or the other! Here is the most complete comprehensive version of a good family board game at the moment.


The table about farming has deep roots - it was created in Poland in the distant and terrible years of the Second World War. We can scramble the cubes to collect "a pair of each animal" (more precisely, at least one species of each animal from a rabbit to a horse) thanks to the mathematician, Professor Karol Borsuk, who began the commercial use of his findings, not without the help of his illustrator wife creating a prototype of the first table farm.

In addition to the standard farm animals - rabbits, sheep, pigs, cows and horses - we can meet such heroes of game additions as a badger and a goat!


Badger (predatory, unpredictable, but kind) helps players if their livestock is in the stomachs of a wolf or fox. So, when someone's farm was destroyed by a beast of prey, this player receives a rescue badger figure, which you can try to save until the next turn and use his help to get any animal. But be careful with him - the badger is capricious and is not used to staying with one and the same player for a long time: if one of the participants throws a wolf or a fox on the cube, the Badger will immediately run to this player, only a striped tail has been seen!


How she ran across the bridge, grabbed a maple leaf... we know many proverbs about the horned goat, the one that follows little children. In this "fairy tale", the goat, in contrast to the good badger, is a very insidious creature that knows how to harm where it is least expected. During his turn, the player can choose to exchange the sheep for a goat, which he will then send to graze "on the meadow" to his opponent, blocking the reproduction of one of the three most expensive animals: cows, pigs or horses. But in order to drive away the goat, you need to either throw a wolf on the cube or give three sheep tokens. Buy a goat - sell a goat, and you will be happy!


Superfarmer is a family game whose basic mechanics are based on rolling two twelve-sided dice. Each participant will collect different creatures on his tablet with one single goal: to collect one copy of each of the five species. Got a pair on the dice? Get the animal that is drawn there, and if you already have several of these on your farm, you will get as many new animals as you have pairs of animals of this species together with those depicted on the edges. If a wolf falls on at least one cube, there is no escape for us - all lovingly bred animals, except for horses and small dogs, turn out to be mercilessly devoured, and if a fox comes running, it will drag all the rabbits - they will return to the herd. Before rolling the dice, you can also make an exchange with the main herd or with another player (if he agrees to such an adventure), exchanging 6 rabbits for 1 sheep, 2 sheep for 1 pig, 3 pigs for 1 cow or 2 cows for 1 horse. In addition, you can exchange a sheep for a small dog and a cow for a large one to get protection from foxes and wolves.


Available: 1) Fun, adventurous and simple gameplay - ideal for family recreation or playing in a group of different ages from two to four players. 2) pleasant components, large cubes and an interesting art. 3) good atmosphere without shooters, fights and other actions.


SKU: ІгСупФерм
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