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Board game "Pandemic: On the Brink"


"Pandemic: On the Brink" is an important addition to the board game "Pandemic". New roles and events will greatly diversify the gameplay. Players are offered three new game modes - "Virulent strain", "Mutation" and "Bioterrorist". In addition, the add-on contains all the necessary components for a fifth player. Will it be interesting? Hiccup has no doubt about it.


In this mode, virulent strain maps are used instead of epidemic maps. When the first such card is revealed during the game, the disease that dominates the field becomes a virulent strain. It will be very difficult to cope with this disease. The negative effects of many new epidemic maps relate to the virulent strain.


A fifth, purple disease, mutation and mutation event cards are added to the game. Now, to win the game, you must either invent a cure for all diseases, or invent a cure for four, and remove the purple cubes from the field. To invent a cure for the purple disease, five city cards of any color must be discarded - at least one of these cities must have a purple die(s).


This mode pits normal players against a bioterrorist overlord. A bioterrorist follows each of the players. During his turn, he can take up to two actions:

-take a card from the deck of diseases;
-move to a nearby city;
-move to a city on a charter or direct flight, dropping either the map of the current city or the map of the destination;
-add a purple disease cube to the current city;
-place a cube in a remote city by discarding the corresponding disease card;
-destroy the research station by discarding the corresponding disease card;
-escape from arrest by discarding some disease card.
A bioterrorist moves around the map covertly, recording his route. If he finds himself in the same city as another player, his token appears on the field. A bioterrorist can be arrested if the player has actions left.

Normal players win by inventing cures for all diseases or by inventing cures for four and eliminating all purple cubes. The bioterrorist wins if the normal players fail. He loses when the purple disease wears off.


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