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Board game "Dobble" Animal world. Harry Potter. Pixar

There are several variations of the game with such simple rules that you can learn them in 1 minute! Each game of "Dobble" lasts less than 15 minutes, but no one stops at just one game. Your task is to find common symbols on the cards faster than everyone else and win this exciting game.

Hell tower

Participants are offered several game options. In Hell's Tower mode, players are dealt one face-up card each and reveal the top card from the deck in the center of the table. Then they turn over their cards at the same time. The first person who finds the same images on his card and on the card in the center of the table takes that card. At the end of the game, the one who collects more cards wins.

The Well

The wellIn the "Well" mode, all but one of the playing cards are dealt to the players. The last card is placed face up in the center of the table. Players simultaneously turn their stacks of cards face up. Whoever finds the same images first places their card in the center of the table. The task is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible.

Hot potatoes

In "Hot Potato" mode, players also try to get rid of their cards. After opening the cards, they look for matches on their own and other people's cards. The player passes his card to the person on whose card he found the same pattern.

Collect them all!

In Collect Them All! players find the same images on the card in the center of the table and on the opponents' cards. After finding a match, the player takes that player's card.

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