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Board game "Mafia"

Many have watched movies about cold-blooded mobsters who terrorize the civilians of the city, carrying out their dark deeds. And some may have even tried on the image of a dark gangster in a hat, a long cloak and a long smoking cigar.

With the game "Mafia" you will be able to truly feel the atmosphere of gangster crimes and the punishments that follow them, playing a difficult psychological game, along the way developing your observation.

The great thing about this game is that everyone can play it: kids, adults, and big companies! And the tension in which the game keeps until the end is its main feature!

The set includes character tokens, which will include mobsters, ordinary civilians, and special playing cards that allow you to expand the possibilities of the classic game "Mafia"!

In Spytown, the mafia is on a rampage. Gangsters terrorize the city and its residents. They are well trained and operate in total darkness. The police counterattack and send their best employees to Spytown, and a secret agent to the mafia's den. Will law enforcement officers be able to break up a gang of criminals? Or will the mobsters destroy all the policemen? The game begins!

Board game MAFIA

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