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Board game "Tempo!"

game: "Conflict Cards" for educated and cultured people.

A quick company game in which participants give witty answers to funny questions. Board game "Tempo!" (Or "Debates") was released in 2020. Back in 2018, she became the winner of the "ROOT Award" competition as the best original development.

"Tempo!" - a very cool filler that will surely become a hit at any decent party. The game is similar to "Conflict Cards", only with interesting conditions and within the framework of decency.

At the beginning of the game, participants take pencils and sheets of paper (not included) to write down their answers and points. Cards of questions and conditions are shuffled into separate decks.

Game process

The game consists of rounds, each round is divided into three phases:

Setting questions and conditions
1 question card and 5 conditions cards are opened.

Finding the answer

The hourglass (included) flips over. Players are given one minute to come up with answers. Participants can use a maximum of 6 words (conjunctions and prepositions do not count).


Players simultaneously point their fingers at those whose answers they liked more. The player with the most votes gets 5 points.

Then all players get points for:

-condition cards with letters: for each word that begins with such a letter;
-condition maps with categories: if a word from this category is used;
-maps of conditions with grammar tasks: if this task is completed;
-the number of fulfilled conditions.

End of the game

Three rounds are played. Then the scored points are counted. The player with the most points wins.

Board game TEMPO!

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