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Board game "Election"

Cool party game about elections. The board game "Election" is a product of a Ukrainian manufacturer. It was released in 2021. This is a very bright allegorical board in a furry style, which is perfect for playing with friends. We guarantee that it will entertain all participants, regardless of political views.

Choice of animals. How to win the election?

Before the start of the game, participants receive tablets of candidates and 7 random cards of PR campaigns. A pool of neutral voter tokens is formed in the center of the table. Players take turns taking three voter tokens.

Game process

The game consists of rounds, each round is divided into 4 phases:

Selection of cards. Players take PR campaign cards from the deck so that there are 7 cards in their hands.

Draw event card. The top card from the event deck is opened, its effects are used.

Creation of PR campaigns. Players can place up to 3 PR campaign cards face down - 1 each of white, gray and/or black colors. The green map of the PR campaign can be displayed instead of the color.

PR-campaign raffle. Players play planned cards of PR campaigns. White cards allow you to get tokens from the pool of neutral voters. The effects of gray cards are applied against opponents. Black card effects cause opponents to lose voter tokens.

Election End of the game

The game ends when the map “Elections. Game over." The player with the most voter tokens wins.

Board game ELECTION

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