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Board game "Dixit"

"Dixit" is the most famous and popular association game. The game was released in 2008 by Libellud. Now it has already become a classic of the company's games. "Dixit" was invented by the French gravedigger Jean-Louis Rubirat and drawn by the artist Marie Cardois, who welcomed the postcards. When it was released, the game made a real breakthrough in the genre of board games. It raised the bar to serious heights and became a benchmark for game designers creating party games.

The game received excellent ratings and reviews. It has endured many re-releases and localizations, acquired a huge number of additions and even several clones. More than a million tabletop fans have already decided to buy the game "Dixit": copies continue to be sold and the number of "Dixit" owners is only growing. Currently, the game is included in the TOP-20 best party games of all time and nations according to the users of the website "BoardGameGeek".

From 2009 to 2011, "Dixit" was nominated for the "Spiel der Spiele", "Guldbrikken", "Nederlandse Spellenprijs", "Japan Boardgame Prize", "Tric Trac", "Golden Geek" competitions as the best party game, the best children's game, the most innovative game and for the best design. Dixit also took first places in such prestigious competitions as "As d'Or", "Juego del Año", "Les Trois Lys", "Games Magazine", "Hra roku", "Hungarian Board Game Award", "Lucca Games "", "Vuoden Peli", "Ludoteca Ideale" and "Spiel Des Jahres".

Cards "Dixit": magical illustrations

Do you want to keep family members busy or have fun with friends? Are you organizing a party or going on a picnic - and wondering how to entertain the guests? The game "Dixit" is optimally suited for such cases. However, the game is not only fun, but also incredibly useful, especially for young players. "Dixit" trains associative thinking and analytical abilities, develops intuition and imagination.

Also on the website you can find the sequel - "Dixit Odyssey", which contains, in addition to new masterpiece cards, special voting fields with holes and pin markers.

The main feature of the game is huge maps with illustrations, real works of art. Yes, they are a little strange, surreal and absurd, like the works of Salvador Dali or Jan Schwankmeyer. But how beautiful they are! We can look at these masterpieces for days on end just by going through the cards. However, "Dixit" is a board game, not a collection of pretty cards.So let's play, develop creative skills and enjoy aesthetic pleasure!

All cards are, of course, compatible. If you want to buy additional "Dixit" cards, there are a whole bunch of add-ons - "Adventure", "Journey", "Beginning", "Valid Dreams", "Memories", "Inspiration", "Harmonies", etc.

How to play Dixit

The rules are simple and understandable even for beginners. Competitors place their rabbit tokens at the beginning of the track to score points. They each receive six random cards and voting tokens.

Storyteller's Association

One player acts as the narrator. Secretly from the other players, he chooses a card, invents an association to it and voices it. Other players also secretly choose one card each. The picture on this card should match the storyteller's association as much as possible. The storyteller collects cards without looking, adds his card, shuffles and puts them in a row.


Players need to guess the storyteller's card. They look at the cards in a row and choose one token for voting: the number on the chosen token corresponds to the position of the card in the row. You cannot vote for your card. The narrator does not participate in the voting. Players simultaneously reveal their tokens.

If all players have guessed the storyteller's card or, conversely, no one has guessed it, then the storyteller does not get victory points.If there are no extremes mentioned above, then the narrator and the players who guessed his card get 3 points each.

Players (except the narrator) receive 1 point for each vote cast for their cards.After scoring points, players move their rabbits the appropriate number of divisions of the victory point counter. In a new round, the next player clockwise becomes the narrator. Participants choose one card from the deck. They play until the last card in the deck. The winner is the player whose rabbit leads the track.

Board game DIXIT

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